Loch Ness Lawns has landed in St. Charles County!

The Loch Ness Monster (or "Nessie" as we like to call her) has landed in St. Charles County! We want to make sure she feels right home with being surrounded with luxuriously green lawns like she is used to in Scotland.

And from this desire, Loch Ness Lawns was born!...well, at least that's the short story...for the long(-ish) story please continue...

Over 20 years ago, my brother, Joe, and I started a lawn care company with a riding lawn mower from our dad and a weed eater from our neighbor's garage sale.

Since that time Joe has been growing the lawn care company and fine tuning his expertise through studying, researching, and implementing his methods (some of you might be familiar with JTD Services already).

I have been travelling the world...in a quest for the greenest grass (more or less) and to develop world class customer service skills.

And now we are coming together once again to join our love of providing a great, quality lawn care service with a refreshing, fun twist.

As the loch ness monster sparks curiosity, excitement, research, and smiles, so do our lawns and so does our service.

We are a family company built on family principles of caring, being considerate, showing respect and having a genuine interest in helping people feel happy...one lawn and one customer at a time.

So join on in! Become part of our Loch Ness Lawns community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we give you material that will inform, interest and delight. Also, click here to find out about our specials we are offering!

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