Nessie visited Disney World...and so did we! Check out Joe being a lean, mean, green machine!

Our first inspiration for Loch Ness Lawns came during a recent trip to Disney World with my two nieces (Joe's daughter, Emma, and our other sister's daughter, Ava). Not only were we impressed by the incredible landscape throughout the park and the remarkably green grass...but also from a giant Lego Nessie at Disney Springs!

It was AMAZING!!! Joe couldn't be happier as his favorite toys as a kid were in fact Legos (he still plays with him...model hardscape designs being his favorite)...he was surrounded by beautiful greenery...and he had his first Nessie spotting.

Oh, I almost forgot...AND he got to dress up in his favorite color for Halloween (we were there for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party).

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