Meet Our New Crew Member

Meet our newest crew member: Nessie herself has come all the way from Scotland to join our team!

She made her debut at the Lake St. Louis Easter Egg Hunt. Thank you to all of the people that came up to her to say hello, give her a high five and make her feel extra welcome.

Now she can't wait to give back to you! She will be going around to check and make sure each of our lawns look like one of the greenest, from here to Scotland. (click here to find out how)

Please let us know if you would like for her to stop by and say "hoo are ye" (how are you in Scottish) - for a birthday greeting, to brighten someone's day, or just because you want to see her person!

For those of you who don't know Joe (Nessie's Side Kick), he's our owner/manager extraordinaire. He's a pretty friendly dude, so if you haven't met him (and have a few free minutes - he is a talker :-), make sure to flag him down so he can introduce himself!

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