Missing Your Lush Lawn?

Summertime, living is easy...well, minus getting the kids ready to go back to school, deadlines at work, the air-conditioner that's on its last leg after being used and abused for the last 2 months....and the lawn.

It's been a tough summer for lawns here in St. Charles County. With record breaking heat in June and July mixed with weeks without rain, many lawns are hurting...and it shows. Many have gone dormant (appearing dead), while others have become overwhelmed by various forms of weeds. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone and help is on its way.

Below you will find 3 easy steps to whipping your lawn back in shape. It will soon become the envy of the neighborhood once again, with lush, green grass that rivals the hills of Scotland (and will help us make Nessie, our newest crew member this year, feel at home).

All you have to do is...

1. Make sure to keep fertilizing. While you won't see the instant effects of doing so, as you commonly do in the wetter seasons, the nutrients you provide your lawn with now will help the restoration process happen quicker once the rain starts to come and the temperature starts to drop. It will also help strengthen your grass to fight disease and drought in the future. To be sure not to burn it, use a slow release organic fertilizer when thermometer reads about 90.

2. Water it! Think of fertilizer like a gym workout and it needing water....well like how you would need water at the gym. Lawns need regular attention (fertilizing treatments - their version of workouts) to maintain that lush green color and water to stay alive and healthy. The lands around here are thirsty. Give them healthy doses of water in the morning to help them fight the heat throughout the day. This also helps activate the fertilizer.

3. Sign up for aeration and seeding. Many of you out there have been fertilizing and watering this summer and still aren't getting the green lawns you would like. This happens for a variety of reason, for many in this area it has a lot do with young lawns not having strong enough roots to be resilient. Summers really tests lawns and unfortunately, some lawns did not have a chance to begin with. The good news is now is your chance to fix this. By aerating and seeding your lawn in the Fall, the seeds have 3 months to grow roots before they get put through the ringer again next year. Make sure to prepare your lawn now so it is better ready. This also helps with filling in spots or getting rid of thatch (dead grass that will never wake up).

You can do this on your own or if you would like for us to take care of it for you, call 636-288-0030 so we can get you on our schedule that is already filling up!

Hope this helps alleviate some of the stress of the summer so you can enjoy these sunny days! Please never hesitate to call or email me at sara@lochnesslawns.com if you have any questions!

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