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Why go with Loch Ness Landscaping?

With so many landscaping companies, it's hard to know whom you can trust.  From conceptualization to creation, Joe can do it all. Just give him your dreams and we will make that happen. Modifications? Budget? Repair? We will work with you every step of the way to ensure you're confident and proud of your services.


We have seen it all with 25+ years of experience in the industry! We can create a bid and plan for you and go over others you may have received. Oftentimes, small details are excluded, cheaper products are used and corners are cut- we know the expense and importance of quality craftsmanship and will do everything we can to ensure you end up with a quality design that will withstand the test of time. Whether that is with us or with another company- we are happy to help our customers! 

We offer services across the landscape architecture and design board from hardscapes, grading/leveling, excavation, retaining walls, outdoor steps, landscape lighting, and more!


With Loch Ness Lawns you get it all!  You don't have to sacrifice on professionalism, customer service, product, or price. Still not sold?  No problem, check out so more reasons below, or better yet, give us a call.  With our many specials out there for new customers, we would be happy to show you the excellence of Lochness Landscaping!

We pride ourselves on integrity. We are upfront with our pricing, which means you will know exactly how much each service costs, the time frame it will take, and will have all your questions answered before making any large decisions.

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We have grown our company from the word of mouth from our customers...and from our lawns. When you see us in your neighborhood, you will not only notice how green the lawn is but also how regular we are in keeping it looking clean, custom and sharply cut.

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We provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. This does not just have to do with you loving your lawn, but we want you to love working with us as well. We value you as a customer and make sure that comes across with every interaction we have.

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Our professionals are both licensed and have over 20 years experience working on lawns in this area. You will notice our exceptional professionalism in how we look, how our equipment looks and, most importantly, by how exceptional your lawn looks.

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You will never have to call us wondering where we are. Our scheduling is consistent and appropriate to the needs of your lawn. We are also more than happy to accommodate special requests for scheduling.

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